Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving with my favorite people....

Mom, Dad, Theresa and her family joined us for Thanksgiving this year. Greg started his famous turkey after work this morning. It was amazing, as usual. We had all the traditional favorites, thoroughly enjoyed each other and ate too much. After Theresa and her crew headed home, Mom and I slipped out for a little shopping. We happily tackled Old Time Pottery, accomplishing much but mostly making room for dessert! Afterward, we planned to hit Toys R Us, but bailed upon arrival! Holy Cow, people are crazy! There had to be 1000+ people standing outside in the freezing rain. There isn't a deal around worth that mess. Returning home after the kids' bedtime made dessert that much sweeter, in the quiet company of my husband and parents.

Each of the grandchildren contributed a hand print to our Thanksgiving wreath.

He's ready for the pros!

Mason is Makenna's buddy, but really likes playing with Kate.

One of Grandma's boys! Love this kid!

Dad says pumpkin pie is an excuse to eat cool whip. When planning our meal, I called and asked him how many 5 gallon tubs he thought we'd need and he suggested only 2!

Check out these rock stars!

Games and was a great day.

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