Monday, December 13, 2010

Ty's 17 month stats

Ty is looking for the laundry balls I use in the dryer. They are generally tossed around the house while I fold each load.
This little man is already 17 months old. Trucks, balls, playing outside, feeding Brutus, wrestling, and "Dad" are his favorite things right now. He still sorts toys and loves his trash can. "Helping" Mommy keeps him busy. The dog food, stairs, kitchen trash and bathrooms continue to be too enticing to be refused so those things remain gated off. His vocabulary has grown to 20 words. We are noting his attempts to repeat us as well. He babbles all the time and is making a lot of new sounds so real conversations are just around the bend. I can't wait to hear what all he's got to say!  He's wearing 18-24 month pants, 24 month shirts, 24 month/2T one-piece outfits and size 7 shoes. Greg and I were watching him this weekend and mentioned just how much fun our "little surprise" has been. The first few months of his life were exhausting and rough, but he makes us smile every day. I wonder what God's got in store for him.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That pic of him in the dryer cracks me up! Happy 17 month birthday sweet little man!!!