Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miss Glamour Doll!

Makenna played Miss Glamour Doll in this year's Christmas play. She LOVED the role and found she was quite natural playing an important diva (surprised?....I didn't think so!). Anyway, the play opens in a toy store where a little girl is making her Christmas list. It is miles long and her mom is frustrated she doesn't understand the true meaning of Christmas and leaves her to think about it awhile. Lindsey, the girl falls asleep among the toys and wakes to find them all alive and ready to learn the true meaning themselves. In telling the Christmas story to the toys, Lindsey becomes really aware once a boy comes in to buy a Miss Glamour Doll for his sick sister. They all discover this little boy has done a lot of odd jobs to raise the $100 for the doll and has asked for nothing more than to see his sister smile. In the end, they all realize God's gift to the world is the best gift ever and we should be focused on giving others God's love rather than material wish lists.

Having Hannah there, makes the process that much more fun for Makenna.

I think I need the bring the box home....."go to your box, Makenna!"

One of Miss Glamour Doll's lines mentions how she'd like a Mr. Glamour Doll, only at one point in the play, Captain Courage gives her a tissue and flower and she is clearly not pleased with the gesture! She did not stay in character for that scene!

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

She is so beautiful! That is a great storyline for a play - how neat!