Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

I will seriously need a work out plan by New Years at the rate I'm going! Makenna and I worked on the cut out cookies last night. We had them ready to be decorated when Stephen (Erin's boyfriend) arrived today to help. Having him here was really nice when the center of the mounds bars needed cut! That takes some serious muscle power and my hands never appreciate that level of abuse! In the end, we had iced sugar cookies, buckeyes, mounds bars and pizzelles. Oh yeah, going to need to work out!

Erin and Makenna both enjoyed being creative with the cookies.

The fondue pot makes melting chocolate so much easier than the double boiler. My grandma made me this apron years ago with left over fabric from several of the dresses she'd made my little girls....which only included Erin and Lauren at that time. I only use it when I bake with my just feels more sentimental that way.

His arms are getting longer!

And if I move them too far into the center, well......he now climbs onto the table!

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