Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Party

Brennen and Kate love each other but are also a bit competitive when they are sharing Grandma and Grandpa.

Proud of her creation.....I am just thrilled she wanted the stickers and paint this year so I didn't have to clean out a pumpkin!

Ty got more paint on himself than the pumpkin. In the end, he needed a bath and afterward, I needed to clean the bathtub!

Love this dragon!

Super heroes, Mason and Erin were on hand and fortunately we escaped without needing their services!

Kisses with Grandma! Ty was a busy boy and kept everyone busy.....Theresa's house is no longer baby proof!

Go team! Kate chose a dress up cheer-leading costume for today's event.....she's planning something different for Trick Or can't have too many options or excuses to wear dress up clothes.

Theresa's mother in law rented the bounce toy for another work related event. They had a two day minimum so the pumpkin party benefited and all the kids loved it.

Waiting to paint her pumpkin. Kate spent a good deal of time creating her masterpiece.
Today, Theresa hosted her annual pumpkin carving party. All the kids dressed up, played on the bouncing toy, decorated pumpkins, ate too much sugar and enjoyed a gorgeous day outside. It was a blast as usual!

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