Friday, October 29, 2010

Greg and Sherri

My alarm went off at 4:45am for the last time today! YEAH! It was early, especially with as little as Ty has been able to sleep this week. Anyway, Greg's job has changed for the holiday season at UPS. He will be supervising a crew unloading containers and his hours will not be as predictable as we need for me to continue working. I don't want to be the kind of employee who calls in at the last minute because I need to be home with my kids. I am not exactly sure what purpose my three month stint at Target was supposed to teach me but I did enjoy a few of the people I worked with and appreciated a little adult conversation when I had time to work it in. It was physical work and I like the definition my arms gained lifting boxes! As usual, Greg and I were in discussions about our family's financial needs and how I can supplement without being outside the home and child care kept coming up. I had let a few people know I was interested prior to the Target gig but had no response.  Just as I informed Target I had to leave, I ran into a neighbor and first time mom who needs care for her son two to three days a week. We've talked some and I start with little Cameron next week! The kids are excited and who doesn't love new babies?  I am thrilled with the change on my end. Greg is accepting his "growth opportunity" and we both hope to enter and survive this upcoming season with grateful hearts.

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