Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doctor appointment

I took Ty in for an evaluation after seeing his symptoms increase and fever climb. It's been a long week! He had two good days in the middle of it all but is slowly getting worse so I suspected we may be into a secondary infection. Dr. Rezaei confirmed it was time to see her. She ordered a blood test to check his white blood cell count and declared it "alarmingly low". We ran through a bout of this with Kate in 2006 that landed us in consultation with an oncologist. In the end, hers was viral and at this point, we trust that Ty's is too. He will have the blood test repeated in a week to confirm. He is pretty fatigued, grumpy and inconsolable a lot of the time. The virus on his face looks bad enough that Dr. Rezaei added a strong topical antibiotic to his treatment in hopes of preventing further infection. Ty was not pleased to be back in the office today. He absolutely remembers his vaccine from last week and was hitting the door saying "GO" from the minute we got in there. Poor thing. I promised him no boo-boos and ended up the liar because they did the blood test! Anyway, if you happen to think about it, please keep Ty's blood test in your prayers. It wouldn't hurt to add "sleep through the night" either. Mommy's tired.


Brenda W. said...

I will pray for him....and you!

TeamWilmore said...

Sending lots of prayers and long distance hugs! Sherri, you are such a strong and amazing lady. I pray that all the goodness and peace that you deserve soon starts pouring over your life in buckets!