Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here comes the Flower Girl....

Kate was asked to be the flower girl for Todd and Margaret's Wedding. Todd is Kelsey's dad and Kelsey is one of Lauren's closest friends. Kate did a great job. She loved the process and felt like a princess in her "swishy dress". It was an evening, candlelit wedding and we all had a great time. The local news channel was there to film for their morning show since Todd proposed to Margaret on the news last year. It was just a fun addition to the excitement of the evening. At one point, the camera crew was standing over our table and they told us to act natural. Kate had the most forced smile on her face and Makenna mentioned being ready for her closeup! Yes, this was the most formal event of our lives! The flowers, table centerpieces and dresses were all gorgeous. The food was amazing and several of us named "the best I ever ate" items. The Endless Summer Band was awesome. We danced and laughed and relaxed until 1am! Greg took the little flower girl and Makenna home just before midnight to relieve Ty's babysitter and Kate was not pleased since she was "still dancing"! She was so clearly over tired but not ready to stop. The rest of us stayed until the band wrapped up since we were bringing Kelsey home with us and didn't want her to miss out on her family's festivities. It wasn't a sacrifice to stay until Ty got up at 7am!

Ready to ride in the stretch hummer. Lauren and Kelsey were the entertainment in the ride from the wedding to the rehearsal with their singing!

Lauren and of the table centerpieces are in the background. We didn't get the other style photographed but they were all gorgeous.

Kate is at this point slap happy and finding everything hilarious. She chose a kid's plate for dinner and hers included a hot fudge sundae. Even the servers were treating "Miss Kate" as royalty. She loved the attention.

Kelsey's Mamaw and Papaw have adopted our kids....we just love them!

All four of our girls on the dance floor

All of our girls and Mamaw dancing throughout the reception. Mamaw out-danced all of us! For a strong Christian woman, she can really boogy!

Someone Margaret knows from Food TV did the wedding cake. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, we were all dancing when it was served so only a few got to taste any! 

The groom's cake was done by our local Pie Kitchen. We've not ventured in there yet but the cake was a lot of fun for Todd, the gadget guy!

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Jill May said...

Looks like such a great time, all the girls look fabulous! I sure do miss you, I hope you have had a Happy Birthday today! Love you!!!!