Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15 month check up

Dr. Rezaei was pleased to see her "little man" today and since Beth is the one who gives injections, Ty was just as pleased to entertain Dr. Rezaei! Beth is really sweet and always cringes at the moment she gives vaccines. I struggle so much with vaccines in general. We've done the standard ones....you know the ones that have been around for decades rather than months! Honestly, I just worry about the immune system implications. Today, he got the MMR and it is the only one all of my kids have reacted to. Minor reactions, but reactions none the less. I anticipate fevers, crankiness and a few sleepless nights because I allowed this one. I really don't like vaccines, but I also don't like seeing otherwise healthy babies succumb to preventable illnesses. It's one of those double edge swords we all face and each mom chooses the best she can for her family.
Anyhoo, today's stats are as follows:
  • height 32 1/2 inches (90%)
  • weight 23 lbs 2.5 ounces (30%) which is down from the (50%) he's maintained since his 3 month checkup
So he's grown 2 inches and half a pound in three months. That explains all the out grown pants! After questioning his diet, Dr. Rezaei has determined he is burning more calories than he's taking in and will just have more of an athletic build than the chunky monkey he started out to be.  The only question I took to the appointment was about his new found interest in walking on his toes. She wants him in shoes all the time and for me to stretch his feet upward toward his knees to stretch out his hamstring. She asked if he was showing interest in potty training. If playing in toilets and throwing away perfectly good diapers counts.....

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I hope he didn't have a bad reaction this time. Ashlyn always has a bad reaction to the dtap :(. I hate it for them.