Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ty's latest tricks

Ty is still trying to get the hang of sippy cups. I've tried multiple versions and we are still not having any luck. At one point, I drove all the way to Babies R Us to get the Avent style the girls started with in hopes it was the answer to getting him off the bottle. It is a half hour away and the only store around that carries that brand. When we got there, they only had pink! The girls were horrified when I bought it anyway. Lauren literally begged me to walk away from it because Ty will end up being gay if I give him a pink cup! I cracked up and said that any little boy growing up with four sisters is lucky if the only pink in his life is a sippy cup! That being said, Grandma Pattie rescued Ty and gave him a blue and a green cup this weekend! He's still playing with them all and not drinking anything out of them!

He's working on his walking skills all the time. He made it a fair distance today and came to a stop rather than falling. He has also added the word, "uh-oh" to his vocabulary although he's a bit confused as to it's meaning. He says it BEFORE he throws something to the floor, which is typically his sippy cup!

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Jamy said...

Real men can handle anything pink.