Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awesome Friends/Awesome Visit

Kristin brought the boys down for a visit.....just about 20 hours of visit that still wound up much too quickly! The babies were fun to watch together. When one of them is playing with a toy, the other stops and takes note just before making a trade with the toy he's been playing with. These exchanges took place rather often and at no point was anyone upset about the "sharing" method. We assume that will change by our next visit. Until then, it was just relaxing to watch them study each other.

Just before they arrived, Ty fell into the wooden leg of our computer chair. He has several small abrasions and looks like he lost quite a scuffle. Greg says "you should see the other guy"! The chair won this round.

Kate got to attend her final day of VBS and was excited to be back. She did enjoy the days she was able to go. Her fever hung on for two solid days and she was pretty run down for three. I had to take Makenna into the doctor on Wednesday for swimmer's ear so I took Kate along for a brief, unofficial check too. The nurse practitioner, Melissa said it appeared to be one of the many viruses working their way through the community right now. We probably picked it up at VBS! On the swimmer's ear front, the prescriptions were initially over $200 but two phone calls and a few hours later, we had different ear drops for just under $30....honestly?

Also, on Wednesday, Greg was in Dayton for a follow up appointment with his surgeon, Dr. Binski. His ankle is perfectly fused and looks great. He doesn't have to go back for a year!!! Given Greg's work schedule and the hours that go into getting him to one of those appointments, we are thrilled with that news. He had a good time visiting with his parents while there. At dinner on Tuesday, Brad, Jessica and Miss Lizzie were able to join them. He just smiled as he described Lizzie's energy level and chattiness. She is fun to watch as she is always in motion! 

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They are just too funny! Thanks again! love, Kristin