Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Most fun Monday

Theresa brought her family to spend the day at the zoo with us and then came to the house for homemade pizzas, cupcakes and one final birthday gift (Cinderella dress) for Kate since they were unable to attend the birthday party. Erin's boyfriend, Brad went with us since he's not been to the zoo since he was seven. Theresa brought her brother in law, Mikey because it has been about that long since he went to a zoo. It was probably the most entertaining to watch the big boys react to the animals! They were genuinely excited to be there. Brad was amused by Kate's singing skills in the van and she loved "Uncle Mikey". He is a college student who still knows how to play and have a good time with family. Theresa was able to give Ty a bottle and watch him play. We all gathered outside for the evening to further enjoy the gorgeous day. They were here later than planned but it was still such a fast paced day that we're making plans to meet again soon.

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