Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Surprise

Greg figured out how much the replacement parts for his rusted out grill were going to cost a few months ago....just over $100 in parts...yikes. So, I started watching sales and clearance deals online and in local stores. A little over a month ago I found a deal that included free shipping. I ordered it and arranged to hide it in our neighbor's garage. Clint is a good sport. His garage code didn't work for me the day it arrived, so the girls and I left it sitting in front of his garage. Greg woke up just as we finished lugging that large and rather heavy box. He mowed the yard and commented that the black clouds rolling in were not going to do that box any favors. He suggested that if it started raining, we'd get it and keep it in our garage for Clint. At this point, he also thought that he'd offer Clint some money for his old grill because it has to be in better shape than ours! Clint got home before the storm and I warned him that Greg was going to offer to buy the old one. Clint smiled as though he just got the deal of the century! A few weeks ago I told Kristin what we'd done for Father's Day and she laughed because Greg told her husband about the old grill on our neighbor's deck that he was hoping to buy! Anyway, Clint had to work today so when we got home from church last night, Clint called and asked Greg to help him move something in his garage. Greg hopped up to help and we followed just a few seconds behind. Clint told him to move the grill to our garage. Greg was just staring at him, unsure what was being said until I laughed and told him the grill has been his all along. He was genuinely surprised. (We didn't tell Kate) He assembled it this morning and we are planning burgers on it for dinner. It was so much fun to surprise him. He makes 2-3 meals a week out there for us and does a great job....the gift really is for all of us! Happy Fathers Day best friend! I love you.