Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Momma said there'd be days like this

Actually what Momma said was "someday I hope you grow up and have six kids just like you". She wasn't happy when she said it either. Well, Momma, we're at 5 and praise God, some of them are like Greg!We've had some parenting trials the last two days. It has not been fun. We love the child, not her choices. It's tough. The stakes are getting higher as she gets older. We've trained and lead and prayed. It is time to step back just a bit and see how she carries herself. Most of the time, we gently correct and discuss situations and see her apply what she's learned but then there are days like this.......

As I've prayed for her and about my role as her mother, I've been reminded of the way God tries to teach me to follow the right path and just "do what I've been told"! Grace, mercy and discipline. Praise God for my Father's leading. And when I am short on patience (another one of those life lessons that has the Lord shaking his head) I can always threaten "someday I hope you have six kids just like you"!

On a much more fun note, Kate told me that I am lucky today because I got to grow up in Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Rick's house. I chuckled and realized that someday I will be the fun grandma and discipline will fall to my children. I pray we are handling things well enough that my future grand kids will be the lucky ones. When I called my sister to tell her what Kate said, she laughed and said I should mention that they didn't buy donuts when we lived there!

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