Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thespian Banquet

In anticipation of this year's thespian banquet, Makenna fell in love with a pretty powder blue semi-formal dress at our favorite consignment store shortly after Christmas. She sweet talked and begged me to get it for several weeks. I felt it was over-priced, especially for a second-hand store. I finally spoke to the shop owner about the dress and she knocked a significant amount off the price so I was able to surprise Makenna with the dress of her dreams (for this moment in time anyway). It was nice to check something off the shopping list without any tears in fitting rooms so it was almost too good to be true.

About two months ago, Makenna made a commitment to start eating better and exercising in an attempt to reign in her migraines and feel stronger overall. As it turns out, she lost a fair amount of weight. Imagine everyone's surprise when she went to try on her dress the night before the event and discovered the dress no longer fit. We investigated every possible angle for quickly altering the dress while Makenna cried and I thought about the budget.
Thank you to Ms. Lewis for this photo 

We found ourselves shopping the day of the banquet for a replacement. Of course we did. Did I mention Erin's best friend was getting married that same day? It is always something around here.

But Makenna had been nominated for three awards and ran for the thespian board. Her evening was beautiful and successful; just like her.
A mom who ran the event was able to snap a few shots for me since the banquet was at the same time as the wedding. It's not easy being in two places at one time.

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