Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Family Photos

While listening to my three oldest in the car Friday night, I laughed so hard I literally couldn't catch my breath. They are wickedly funny, to say the least. Makenna suggested our family would make a hilarious reality show and I was overcome with a sudden and horrific feeling we could actually be living one.....and I am the only one without a script. 

The kids, for reasons even they don't understand have called me Sheryl Crow, or Sheryl for about a year now. They say it so often, I answer to it and their friends are understandably confused as to what they should be calling me. Makenna uses the hashtag, "typical Sheryl" on social media. Her friends say I am twitter famous. I have no idea what that means but apparently it is rather entertaining for the under 30 crowd.

Life in my world is anything but boring. These people who live with me exhaust me and amuse me. Family photos are a task only the strongest of souls should undertake and we are once again thrilled with Erika's talent and patience.The oldest three insisted on dressy family photos this time. I was happy to have their buy-in but added ice cream at the end of our session because I have to keep it less dignified in an effort to maintain truth in advertising.

#typical Sheryl


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

They are all so wonderful, I cannot even begin to pick a favorite.
Your family is so beautiful, both inside and out.

TeamWilmore said...

Every single photo is amazing!!!! Yes, The Baughman Bunch would be a FANTASTIC reality show!!!!

Jennifer Slater said...


Joseph Wicker said...

Great pictures!!!