Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

My nephew, Brennen was celebrated Friday evening for his outstanding student status with a ceremony at the local middle school. We made an overnight trip to join the festivities. My favorite moments were spent on the back patio reflecting on the days my big girls weren't so big.

Kate's 11th Birthday is coming up before we all get together again so a small celebration was in order.

Ty couldn't wait to give me the gifts he made at school so during a quiet moment Saturday night, he beamed with pride as I opened his gift. The coupon book was hilarious. He clearly had no say in the contents as big kisses and a foot rub were included. I know better than to expect those particular coupons to be valid as my little germ-a-phob isn't going to kiss anyone and most certainly will not be touching feet.
Makenna babysat while Greg and I went to The Home Depot for project supplies. Apparently we don't know how to go on any other kind of date. But we have a deck to refinish, a garden to plant and landscape to spruce up before the wedding. We know how to celebrate Mother's Day around here. In all honesty, it really was perfect.
Erin says only the best mom's get Kate Spade. I love my cheerful tea pot.

It was a great weekend.

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