Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend with Grandparents

There is a child in my house who is difficult to wake weekday mornings at 6:15 but on Saturday? He wakes with more energy than any four people require at that hour. By 6:20 I am dragging myself out of bed to make breakfast for the famished child while muttering under my breath, "I only get one opportunity a week to sleep beyond the six o'clock hour......." Every Saturday. Each and every Saturday.

So Kate toured the middle school she will be attending next school year. Greg had to take her because I was in a dental chair at the same time. Trust me, I really wanted to swap but my tooth wasn't able to go without me and Kate was. We stopped by on Friday for a quick photo capturing Kate's excitement about her new school.
Smores and sparklers wrapped up our Sunday evening.

My parents drove into town for the weekend.  A tea party, Grandma date for ice cream and dinner with the entire family were highlights of our weekend. Only Lauren was brave enough to attend Thunder over Louisville Saturday night. The rest of us watched it on TV. Some of us made it up a little later than others......

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