Friday, April 15, 2016

Makenna the Writer?

The middle school director enjoyed photographing the high school volunteers

Makenna has been celebrating a lot of excitement lately. She volunteered a few weeks ago to assist with the local middle school play, THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE, JR. They will run four shows this weekend. She was assigned the assistant stage manager role but found herself promoted last weekend as result of some drama between the original stage manager and the director. Her teacher and the director are beyond impressed with her ability to diffuse situations and step into a leadership position without warning. We are pretty proud as well.

We also received notice Makenna was awarded student of the month in March. She was celebrated with a special lunch at school. Once again, it's kind of nice to see her acknowledged. She tends to stand back and not make herself known, claiming to be a behind-the-scenes kind of girl.

So imagine everyone's surprise when her one act play written last fall was selected as a top piece in her honor's English class. She was among four chosen to compete for the opportunity against all other honor English students to have their play read by professional actors in Louisville on the 26th. She was not the winner but placed in the first runner up category. Given her reluctance to speak in class, even her teacher was surprised to announce who the actors chose.

I asked to read it. She declined. Of course she did.

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