Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring is in the Wind

We spent Saturday watching our shingles fly off the roof and vinyl rip off the side of the house. The trampoline now needs a new net but we were lucky to keep our trampoline at all. Our neighbor found theirs in the road after it flew over a six foot fence. Good times.

But there are pretty things in bloom and the dandelions too which took us to a lawn and garden center for treatment of those little yellow eyesores and the ticks we've found in the house already. Thank you Layla, Brutus and Oliver for those contributions. 
Sometimes I worry he aspires to be homeless. He was missing for a few minutes yesterday afternoon and this is how we found him. He slept a few hours and woke asking to keep the box.

Greg has a fever, body aches and a lot of congestion but insists he doesn't have the flu "because I don't get the flu". There may or may not be some eye rolling happening here. I am diffusing oregano and thieves in my house in hopes of stopping the "not the flu" in it's tracks. However, he has slow cured fresh side hams for the last week and spent the day battling his fever while tending the smoking process of those hams. He is pretty awesome despite his stubbornness.

Kate attended a birthday party and sleepover last night and we went to a bridal shower today for Erin's best friend. I am still a little shocked we are in wedding mode already but it's fun to celebrate and commiserate with Carlyn's mom about the process. She gets to be the pioneer in the mother of the bride role.

My kids have fallen hard for "Stack the States" and play it often. I am not opposed. We are all learning something along the way. But when Michigan fell off the platform, Greg assured Ty it was okay because we don't like that state anyway. 

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