Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Already?

I have reached the point where I need all weekends to contain a minimum of three days. The errands are endless, the chores both inside and out fill two pages of notes and our commitments are multiplying. I ran non-stop and rested very little. Monday will be hard-pressed to arrive without complaint.

Makenna was acknowledged on stage for leadership and ability to step into the stage manager role with less than a week's notice. The students loved her, the director literally sang her praises in front of the audience and her peers were impressed. She knocked it out of the park this weekend.

Taylor's little sister, Ellie. I swear she could model. Isn't she gorgeous?

I had the privilege of photographing Lauren's boyfriend, Taylor yesterday. I was rather nervous heading into the session but once we got started, I had a blast. I am no pro, but I do enjoy being behind the camera. I am pleased with the results and enjoyed spending time with Taylor, his mom and his little sister.
Erin was discussing having children someday. She refers to her options as manual or purchased. We prefer terms like traditional or adoption but Erin never lets our views influence her vocabulary. This group is an unending source of noise and entertainment.

Tonight we had dinner around the patio table. All the kids were present so it was a boisterous event. We no sooner finished dinner than Erin suggested ice cream. I had bathrooms to clean, laundry to start and preparations for Monday to tend but I found myself loading up with my kids for ice cream. It was a brilliant decision I don't yet regret. The bathrooms and laundry will always exist but time spent listening to my kids laugh, tell stories and be together is growing more difficult to carve out of our busy lives.

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