Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Show Must Go On

Enjoy this brief video highlighting some serious talent and a lot of long hours dedicated to producing something magical. Her support line reads, "Makenna Grace, Assistant Stage Manager, Bossing People Around Since 2002. Love Mom and Dad". She giggled because she recognizes truth when she sees it.

Opening night brought about more unpleasant surprises than necessary. They don't call it drama for nothing. There were two broken bones, a kid throwing up back stage and two unable to make it due to missing school for illness. The crew pulled it together and produced an awesome show. The audience remained blissfully unaware of the stress behind the scenes. And then Makenna woke up sick on Saturday. Of course she did. She pulled it together for two additional shows and a house full of company. The show must go on.

Friday night is sleep over night in our house. It's growing increasingly more challenging to find room for me in my bed on Friday nights but these faces? It's so worth it.

Greg text, "where are you?" and I replied, "on a date with Batman". When I told Ty we would have a few hours to ourselves while Kate saw a movie with friends, he suggested Chick-fil-a and dressed appropriately. Sometimes I wonder how many more super hero memories we'll make before the costumes are retired. I suspect I will miss these days soon.
With the exception of needing me to sign off on the title of her old car, she did this all by herself. She is pretty proud of her purchase and loves the 42 mpg of the econ model.  I have heard rumors she appreciates the turbo charge too but choose to pretend I don't.

Lauren ran some errands with me Friday. She wasn't expecting to end up at Target (is that real?) so she didn't have her purse with her and was drooling over a coloring book.  I bought my grown up kiddo a coloring book and markers. She was as excited as her three year old self would have been. It was worth every penny to see her grin. She hangs out with me a lot these days. I suspect my full pantry is the real reason but it's nice to spend time with her anyway.

Saturday night Erin kidnapped me and took me painting with her best friend and her mom. We had a blast. It was a fun surprise and a nice way to spend time laughing with the girls who are now old enough to be in the final stages of planning Carlyn's May wedding. Where does time go?


KaraD said...

Looks like a fun time in the arts! Bravo everyone. Beautiful work.
I just also want to tell you, that your kindness and encouragement over the years has meant and means so much. I know my life has been lifted by knowing you and by you sharing with me. So thank you, and as hokey as it sounds the world does seem brighter and nicer knowing your spreading smiles, joy and realness. :) Those paintings are stunning, fantastic colors.

Baughman Family said...

Oh Kara, thank you for such a sweet comment. I too have been blessed to know you. I admire your gentle approach to mothering and love your creative touches in your home and life. Thank you for being my friend.