Sunday, March 27, 2016


Farm fresh eggs produce incredible colored eggs. I love the earthy tones. We also added some traditional store bought eggs for a variety of results.

Toddlers coloring eggs is just one of my favorite Easter traditions

He really hoped the Easter bunny would bring him a watermelon. But it isn't watermelon season and the bunny shopped three different stores to confirm that fact.
There was that one awkward moment when I walked in to my bedroom on Saturday and discovered the kids playing with the hula-hoop I planned to give them with their Easter baskets and Kate asked, "hey, Mom was this supposed to be for Easter?" Ever try to hide a hula-hoop? I contemplated claiming it was mine but quickly realized that story would haunt me for years.

During our Easter dinner, Makenna suggested I write a book called The Planned One. It would be a story about how we chose to have her and love her the most. Lauren countered how perfect she and Erin were so it was only logical we'd plan to have another. And then Erin made a public service announcement reminding the entire family they are eating for two because Jesus lives in each of us. This is apparently her daily motto. Life with this group is never dull. Or quiet.
My handsome grill guy made a delicious dinner as usual.
That moment in church when your kid starts crying his belly hurts and then falls asleep. You spend the remainder of Easter service praying he doesn't wake up vomiting his Chocolate Storm Trooper because nothing says Happy Easter quite like that.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Happy Easter my friend!

KaraD said...

Oh Sherri, you always make me smile :) Your a closet hula hooper... Secret's out now!

TeamWilmore said...

Best Easter post ever!
1. I love your kiddos .... probably because they are such a lovely amalgamation of you and Greg.
2. Beautiful picture of you, Ty and Kate
3. The one of all the kids is perfect!!!!! Frame it!!!!
4. Let's talk again soon!
5. Love you, She-ra!!!!!