Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break In Indy

Greg and I took Kate and Ty to Indy for an overnight get-away. It was their first hotel stay and trip to both the Children's Museum and Indianapolis Zoo. They loved all three but Ty has decided he'd like to live in a hotel so someone else makes his bed. Come to think of it, I would like that too.

Both Kate and Ty enjoyed learning to write with Chinese characters so much, we are looking for a book to expand upon their new found interest
Spring break trips always include some weather risks but we battled torrential downpours during three block walks to enter the over-crowded museum on Thursday and then endured 34 degrees at the zoo. We made a lot of memories and will return to this beautiful city again someday; someday warmer and sunny. 

Colby and his family joined us for our day at the zoo and it was especially fun to have them along. Colby and Ty haven't missed a beat in their friendship. They still have a brother-like relationship even after all these years. We all miss that boy. His family is pretty special too.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Looks like a fun trip despite the weather! I am with Ty, I want to live somewhere someone else makes my bed too :)

KaraD said...

Such a fun city and trip! Love the letter writing interest. Dillan expresses interest. But I am intimidated by it.... If you find a good way feel free to share it my way :)

TeamWilmore said...

Come. To. Texas!!!! And hurry before our temps climb into the range of something equivalent to conditions depicted in a Dante novel. I miss you so much, my sister-friend!!!!

Baughman Family said...

I found a book on Amazon after discovering our library didn't have anything. There isn't a lot out there. I will send you a text.

Baughman Family said...

Oh how I wish I could!I want to see the bluebonnets and I miss you!