Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Somehow our baby has turned twenty-one. This seems impossible given the fact she was born just a few weeks ago. Erin has blossomed into an incredible person with a heart for underprivileged and hurting people. She is strong and determined, holding herself and those she cares about to exceptionally high standards. It's been wild to stand back and watch her stand strong in her convictions with a heavy does of humor as she is wickedly funny. She has taken on a leadership role in the small church she has called her own and has aspirations to use her dental skills to serve in a third world country someday. It's exciting to hear her plan to join a mission field team but simultaneously terrifying. We couldn't be prouder as we watch her soar. Being her parents has been a blessing as she has made the job pretty easy. But 21? I honestly can't wrap my head around it. I was her age when I had her and that reality hit pretty hard today. Time flies.

I took Erin out for the evening on Saturday. We shopped and enjoyed dinner at the Melting Pot together.  Hanging out with grown up kids is pretty sweet.
Greg and Erin have celebrated their birthdays together the last couple of years by going out as father and daughter for hot wings. Tonight he bought her first legal drink too. He has discovered having a birthday the day after his kid is a lot more fun now that she is beyond the pink birthday party phase.
Happy birthday Erin Gabrielle! We love you!

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TeamWilmore said...

She's precious and gorgeous! If I'd ever been blessed with a daughter, I'd have wished for one as lovely as yours.