Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break Launch

The kids emerged from the bus today at three and we were immediately immersed into Spring Break! It has finally arrived and the only people more excited than us are the teachers. Everyone is ready for a break. We have two birthdays to celebrate this week, a small get-away to Indy for a few of us planned, a sister night in the works and Ty is hosting his first sleep-over. We've had lots of preemptive conversations about how to be a good host and he has embraced the role, offering Gavin first dibs on every last decision. It's a welcomed change of pace. The boys have had a great time.

Funny story. My parents gave us their old luggage the last time we saw them. Ty was pumped! He has played with those suitcases more than any toy I can recall in recent history. Not only does Ty love "going on vacation" over and over, but he has now had two separate playmates join his imaginary adventures. It amuses me, to say the least.

While the boys stayed with us, Kate went to have a sleep-over with Lauren and Erin. Kate talked about this night for days. They have hiked trails at two local parks, colored together and are planning a special day Lauren and Kate have coming up in April. Sister bonding melts my heart.

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