Friday, February 5, 2016

This Week

Devyn is still rather smitten by Lyncoln who is up to 8 lbs now.

Miss Anna was missed around here with her quick whit and commentary. At one point during our visit she asked me to do something for her I pointed out she could do for herself and she replied, "I know but it's easier for me when you do it."

Baby Ava is up to 12 lbs already!
I spent my week surrounded by a lot of my favorite little people. Some visited as they are wrapping up maternity leave and others had trial run drop-offs to see how back-to-work is going to go next week. I enjoyed my final day off for a few months and wondered how I am going to navigate life with a newborn again. Because as precious and snugly as they are, they tend to be rather demanding little things who cry when not being held. This month of relaxation is ending so Greg and I slipped away for breakfast this morning and then Anne joined me for errands this afternoon. If I have work to do, I may as well make it more fun with good company. She cracked me up when I dropped her off  by thanking me for our cup of tea. We each made our own before heading out.....only the best for my friends.
This one has been nicknamed the Tiny Tornado by his mother because she believes in truth in advertising. The toddler years have arrived in full force but he is sweet too.

Two of our friends were hospitalized on Monday. Greg drove to Dayton to see one and I got to share soup and salad with another in Louisville. It's not often we need to divide and conquer for our friends but I am glad we were both able to love on them this week. Both are on the mend and making full recoveries too.
Whenever the kids find out I may have some time without other kids, they ask me to come to lunch at school. When the kids have lunch dates, they get to bring a friend and we eat on stage.

Lunchtime with kindergarten buddies is anything but boring. I can't get enough of their stories and thoughts about the world.

Keep the lines of communication open, they say. Be open with your kids. Let them know they can talk to you about anything. I don't know who "they" are but life would be a lot easier if we had adopted the speak only when spoken to parenting philosophy. Last night I took an opportunity alone with Makenna to talk about how life throws us curve balls because she hasn't rolled with the punches lately. I pointed out how she is the only one of our kiddos we planned but how rich and full our lives are as result of all "God's surprises". She was quiet but by the time we were home, I noted she was frantically calling and texting both Erin and Lauren. Somehow in our little discussion, she got the impression we were having another baby and freaked out. All three girls had some not nice things to say including, "I thought so too". There is no baby on the way and I no longer like some of my children.

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