Thursday, February 11, 2016


This week I welcomed back one of my families who spent the last eight weeks on maternity leave. It rocked my quiet little world to have a newborn in the house again. She is a doll but let's just say she is anything but patient. She's new here and in the world in general, so she gets to be demanding for awhile. She's cute enough to get away with it too. But while I am bouncing around the house with a baby in my arms, the tiny tornado is in full blown toddler mode. He appears to like my lack of attention and that scares me a bit. Fortunately Miss Anna is pretty laid back and is going with the flow, or lack there of. I am praying we can find a routine in the near future because this gig wiped me out this week.

As result of the twelve pounds I am hauling around in my arms all day, I am in need of daily stretching and have found yoga to be fairly relaxing at the end of the day. I am grateful for my friend Kristil's guidance in this department and hope I can eliminate the achiness I have felt since Monday. It's simply another reminder I need to take care of myself despite having most of my arthritis symptoms managed with the paleo diet.
He challenged his daddy to a Mario Kart battle and even provided a special seat for him too. I am glad Lauren was able to capture this shot for me. These guys are pretty cute.

Ty had a little buddy in his class move away last week. He's been pretty upset about this sudden change in his classroom. Every night he prays for Zach to make new friends and worried Zach wouldn't get Valentines in his new school. He has even added prayers for Legos in his new classroom because he makes the biggest blasters with them. He has a sympathetic spirit sometimes and the tenderness he expresses toward missing his friend is sweet.
Ty and Greg worked on a Spiderman themed Valentine box with red spray paint and then black puffy paint. The final result was pretty cool. Ty is pumped about taking Spiderman Valentines to all his friends.

Of course he then turns around and tells me the laundry basket is overflowing because he puts things in there to give me something to do while he is away all day. He was serious. I pray his future wife likes me despite the mess I am unintentionally making of this boy.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Kate looks beautiful! Love her shoe choice!
I hope she had a fun night and her mouth heals quickly.