Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mommy's Tired

Batman and Batgirl. I think she likes him.
Gymnastics on Monday night
Monday evening, Ty spiked a fever just over 101 degrees. And on Monday the high school called because Makenna was battling another migraine. Tuesday Makenna saw the doctor for a headache management plan and Ty maintained his fever despite feeling otherwise well. I needed Lauren to watch Ty and Anna so I could take Levi and Ava with Makenna to the doctor. That was fun. Thank God we are no longer using the pediatrician who took three hours per appointment. By 8:30 Tuesday morning, I was done with this week but sadly, there were still many hours to tackle for Tuesday alone. I text my bible study partner, "I need Jesus but I also need wine. I am not sure which is going to fall into first place tonight." She met me for tea and Jesus because she was the designated adult for bible study.
Layla is good company if you are sick and allow her in your bed. She can be lazy when it suits her.

Ty's perfect sick day includes Star Wars.

Today I sent Makenna to school with a rebound headache after pumping meds into her to help her get through the day. She threw up at school and was sent home after first period anyway. She has tech week next week and simply cannot afford to get behind in her school work but her headaches aren't concerned with that detail. The barometric pressure appears to be making this round of headaches a nightmare.

Kate loves getting home from school in time to hold Ava every day. Fortunately for me, Ava is not picky about who holds her, just so long as some one always does.
Ty's fever broke last night but he spent today as grumpy as ever; clearly not feeling well. I am ready for everyone to return to school tomorrow. We're expecting snow and there is a strong possibility I will cry if there is a snow day. 
But......Kate's mouth improved dramatically today and Brutus located a frisbee in the garage yesterday. He happily played with Lauren for quite awhile. Some days he forgets he is old. Those days are awesome.

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