Thursday, February 18, 2016

Special Friends

Devyn brought her family for a play date today. It was fun to see the big sisters making over each others baby. The babies had more attention than they knew what to do with and Levi was happy as clam destroying the house while we played.

It isn't polite to discuss weight but I think I am okay to share the stats while they are under a year old. Smile. Ava is three weeks and four pounds bigger than Lyncoln. They are both alert and taking in the world around them. Lyncoln is starting to coo and has the most serious expression on his face. He is pretty cute. Devyn is still rather smitten with him as well. Anna remains indifferent to the arrival of Ava who is happy as long as she is being held or fed. It's hard being two months old.
Once nap time arrived, the kids weren't the only sleepy ones today. Five kiddos under five is a lot of energy. I am glad another adult was here to help out.

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