Friday, February 19, 2016

A Knight To Remember

Greg's had his dancing shoes on two weeks in a row! No one is more surprised than Greg. Kate's school hosted A Knight To Remember tonight for all the little girls and their daddies. It's our last year of elementary school so our opportunities for them to have a night like this are fleeting. Kate isn't so little anymore.

She started school in size 7 this year. By August, we purchased 8's. At Christmas she bumped up to size 10 and a few weeks ago, I bought her size 12 pants for the length. Yikes.

She brought home a teddy bear from a boy at school yesterday. He has had a crush on her since the beginning of third grade but has yet to find the courage to speak to her. In fact, he was so shy about the teddy bear, he had a mutual friend deliver it to Kate. She doesn't know what to think about it. Neither does her dad.
I am heartbroken she wasn't able to smile after planning such a fun outfit and date with her daddy.

As if a dance this evening weren't enough, we also squeezed in a frenectomy after school. Kate was a rock star as usual. She just did what needed to be done and then had Erin put her hair up for the dance when we wrapped up. Unfortunately, she was left with swelling and the numbing medicine wore off before she headed to the dance. She was rather tearful but pulled it together in hopes of having a special night anyway. (Aren't these things always more invasive than expected?)

With Kate and Greg at the dance and Makenna at tech, Ty and I were going to have the evening to ourselves. I asked him what he'd like to do and he offered, "eat Girl Scout cookies and watch House Hunters". Huh? I questioned House Hunters so he then suggested perhaps a Lego Batman movie instead. I should have stuck with House Hunters since I can't have the cookies and frankly can't really afford the loss of braincells involved in the average Lego movie. But a date with my little man it is. It is so worth it.
After seeing how uncomfortable the original shoes were going to be, Daddy recommended a wardrobe change. We all agreed it was the better choice in the end anyway.


Jamie Gambrell said...

Awesome! I love reading your posts! Love you guys

Jamie Gambrell said...

Awesome! I love reading your posts! Love you guys

TeamWilmore said...

Oh my goodness, she looks like Audrey Hepburn! She's absolutely precious and I hope the pain passes quickly!