Friday, November 14, 2014

This week

Mom, why didn't you name me Sportacus? Um...because I love you?

Mom! I just figured out what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas! Drums! I swear the boy's only mission in life is to stress me out. And Grandpa, if you are reading this.....DO NOT BUY THE BOY DRUMS!

Ty was taking an exceptional amount of time in the bathroom so I investigated. The singing had stopped some time prior and nothing good comes from a quiet kid alone in the bathroom. Even though I have enough experience to know this, I was not prepared for the scene as I entered. Ty was perched on the toilet seat ledge by his feet. He was literally squatting from said position with a look of pure glee on his face as he took care of business. I had no words. I still don't but wonder if perhaps this explains the obscene amount of time I spend cleaning that particular bathroom.

Mom, does my outfit match? Yes son, as well as anything else you would choose. 

And these two...don't let the innocent faces fool you. They are rotten to the core. We are honestly having conversations about the Christmas tree. We may not have one this year. They are tiny terrorists ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  Just this afternoon I walked into Kate and Ty's room to put away some laundry and discovered Ty had left a small package of gold fish crackers on his dresser. The cats were having great fun. The package made noise as they tossed it in the air and sent crackers and crumbs flying. They snacked while taking turns. I live in a zoo.

I often joke we need a "no fishing" sign to keep Spidey out of the aquarium. Although, I think Anna's got this.

This morning Greg and I took Lauren out for a birthday breakfast because she will be so busy this weekend, it was our only opportunity to celebrate her. How are we the parents of two adults? Yikes, that happened fast. It was beyond pleasant to sit and talk over delicious food. Afterward we walked over to my favorite consignment shop for snow boots because rumor has it I will be needing them this year. As I entered, the shop owner pointed to a rack of new arrivals with my favorite label and in my size. Greg started to comment that we were there for the $8 boots and Michelle directed him to the sofas in the waiting area outside the store! She's a blast.
I was given strict orders against photos of us at breakfast so I captured the sidewalk outside Toast. Eyes were rolling and comments were made but I ignored my breakfast dates. I have to do that often. As the grey days are settling in more often than sunny ones, I have to breathe in beauty where I find it. I will not allow the long cold days of winter bring me down this year. Appreciating simple beauty should help.
I caught these two in a rare moment of looking studious rather than rambunctious. They are so much fun. Double the fun as they are both two years old.

As are these two....nap-time movie creates quiet time for the preschool team. Ty adores Gleason.

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