Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Life

Sometimes you just have to laugh because the alternative involves the fetal position with lots of tears. This week has been rocky and I have ridden it with as much grace as I can muster. Translation: I am punchy, laughing inappropriately and owe several family members an apology.We've faced nothing major, just lots of little messes added up to create some very stressful days.

I woke to an eye infection on Monday and it was anything but pretty. We have family photos scheduled for Sunday. I will be the one wearing an eye patch and considering a pirate theme. Aaargh! Merry Christmas Matey! Why not? Sadly I joked about this enough Ty and Erin are fully on board. Stranger things have happened around here.

The BMV failed to process Lauren's proof of insurance from her accident in September so her license was suspended. I love calling government offices repeatedly. This would be read sarcastically for those of you who have not spoken to me this week. That little glitch caused an extra 100 miles on the van and countless hours of running Lauren to and from multiple locations.

Lauren vomited at school Monday. She is once again battling something. Awesome. And Greg ran to a quick lube place for an oil change on Monday morning. On the way home, the oil pressure light came on. Two mechanics, a diagnostic charge and several phone calls later, it's been repaired. Greg did not sleep on Monday and was a zombie by the time he got home Tuesday morning.

Makenna is on the tech team for the local high school theater department. This apparently means we have no life outside meeting the spontaneous demands of a director. We're not friends. The time change with practices ending at 10:30 every night this week has made for some colorful mornings. Makenna is exhausted. Her mother is too.

Yesterday we were supposed to vote but between the three of us, four failed attempts were made. All of them met with 2+ hour wait times. I feel irresponsible for not waiting but I honestly did not have a two hour window to wait with extra little ones and several appointments. I am still frustrated. Very few people we know were able to vote in this county. I hope the issues are resolved before the next election but Greg and I will be voting early in the future.

We had a conference with Kate's teacher last night. While we waited our turn, we read through "All About Me" posters written by the kids in her class. Kate filled out less than half hers with the following three answers:
1. Favorite color: black
2. Favorite food: stake
3. Favorite part of school: racess

We're so proud. Greg says we should pat ourselves on the back because the kids who said math was their favorite part lied. Sadly the highlight and most peaceful part of the week so far was the thirty minutes we waited to talk with her teacher. We don't know what distracted Kate the day she filled out her poster because her teacher had only great things to say about her work ethic, enthusiasm and sweet spirit. We really are proud but the poster made us laugh.

In other news, Anne stopped by with a gift for me today. I love this mug and cannot believe it exists! It's no secret I avoid alcohol due to the addiction issues throughout our family but a little butterscotch schnapps in my hot cocoa in the winter is an indulgence I appreciate occasionally. I thought it was a secret only I knew about but apparently Target agrees all mommies everywhere should know about special hot cocoa too. 
P.S. I have consumed more of my kids' Halloween candy than all of them combined. It's been a long week. Did I mention someone pooped on me today? Nevermind.


TeamWilmore said...

Love the mug! I'll be heading to Target a.s.a.p.!

Kristi said...

I like how you say "someone pooped on me". As if it was random. Lol