Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

The day after Thanksgiving Kate, Mom and I exchanged our fall decor for Christmas. Kate was in her glory. We have scaled back the last few years, making the event much more tolerable for me. The highlight for Kate is always her little Christmas tree. Now that she shares a room with Ty, she is supposed to be sharing the tree but she's wrestling with that concept a bit. Mom helped Kate find the least breakable ornaments for the tree knowing full and well our tiny terrors could not be trusted. After several mishaps, Mom bought the kids a small collection of plastic decorations to adorn the little tree.
She gave Ty two superhero ornaments. Would it surprise anyone to know the ornaments are often missing from the tree because they are on adventures? Would anyone be shocked to learn that when they do hang on the tree, they hang from the star topper in order to be the most important? Kate is rather frustrated.

The cats are trouble and their response to the little tree in the bedroom confirmed my suspicion that a large tree in the living room is out of the question. They have knocked the little one over and assume all the decorations are their toys. Santa will just have to create a space for his delivery this year. Kate's working on a letter of explanation even though she has been assured Santa is aware of the chaos created by these two.
"Trouble? What's this trouble of which you speak? We do not know this trouble. Furthermore, if we did know trouble, we would not care. Clearly this does not concern us."

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TeamWilmore said...

ROFL - that looks like exactly what those 2 kittens are thinking!