Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow Day

The text alerts started at 5:30 this morning. It was a snow day for everyone, which is rare. The teens slept while the rest of us played.

someone came prepared for a snowball fight

After 45 minutes, wet gloves, hats, coats and pants went into the dryer while hot cocoa was made. No sooner than the dryer buzzed, they tackled round two.

I was pleased they chose Narnia over Frozen for our snow day movie. And surprised myself when I had thoughts of decorating for Christmas. I blame the cocoa. Clearly, it went to my head.
Our pumpkins are still displayed in five inches of snow. We'll manage one holiday at a time, thank you very much.

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TeamWilmore said...

Beware of the cocoa!!! Beware of me too ... I'd be helping you tomorrow and would've been sooner if everyone could just stop crabbing at me for 5 seconds about it being too early. Yeeesh!