Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Weekend Review

Mom and Dad were here so briefly we are all missing them already. They arrived Saturday and had to leave ahead of the ice storm early this morning. We hoped they'd get iced in with us but until they retire in a few months, we have to accept weekend visitation only. We had tea parties, took a walk, played with trains, ate junk food and grilled dinner before Mom and I slipped away for a painting class last evening. We both enjoyed it and decided my sister would be really good at it so we aren't inviting her along anytime soon. She'd make us look bad.
I stayed in touch with my creative side throughout the day, working on neglected scrapbooks. My teens are easy to manage given how reluctant they are to be photographed. However, Ty has grown significantly in the last two years which was how much updating his album required. I felt relieved to get caught up again; however, finishing Erin's senior year was bittersweet. I am no longer the keeper of her album, the baton has been passed.
We are iced in and anticipate being stuck inside tomorrow so the baking desire needed to be fed. Muffins for breakfast was Kate's request and Erin's creating a new brownie recipe. Quality sister time in the kitchen creating memories while I mentally prepare for the week ahead.
We're snuggling in for the night.

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TeamWilmore said...

Love everything except the ice! Great job on the paintings, beautiful photo of you and your mom, love the pic of Erin and Kate baking, and precious photo of Ty and Greg!