Friday, February 3, 2017

Tooth Fairy Visits

Ty has been anxiously awaiting a visit from the tooth fairy for about a year now. Given his opposition to ever having his fingers in his mouth because he is deathly afraid of germs and how turned off by blood he can be, we were bracing ourselves for a drawn out and dramatic experience. He surprised us. Once the dentist assured him it was okay to wriggle teeth, he set to get the first of two loose teeth out of his mouth. Ty lost his first tooth tonight and was so excited to share the news, he had Erin on the phone after just one rinse of his mouth. After a very lengthy and detailed conversation with Erin (the only family member who appreciates the gory details), he called Lauren and Taylor too. He knows who will join in celebrating milestones alongside him even if they aren't actually present.

He woke in a salty mood today and wanted nothing to do with school preparations this morning. He literally sat in front of the cereal cabinet for a solid five minutes with a blanket on his head, hiding from the world. The drive to school was silent which is rare given how talkative Ty is usually. However, when I pulled up to the school, he spotted his best friend and barely allowed me come to a complete stop before he flew out of the van and ran up to catch her. I was a little amused, to say the least. We hear an awful lot about that particular little girl.

And then this afternoon we saw these two pictures in his backpack. Each is from a different girl in his class. Ironically, he also had a progress report from school stating he is distracted. I can't help but wonder if perhaps things might be related.

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