Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oh Ty

Ty is one of kind. He is such a serious little guy who says the most hysterical things but has no idea just how funny he is. This week he came home from school pretty upset about his best friend getting a boyfriend because she will no longer play Power Rangers on the playground. Ty stewed about this off and on throughout the afternoon and evening until he ultimately decided he would dress up, wear a cool watch and try to impress his friend. Some push-ups with one arm behind his back took place too. He was pumped up and ready to claim his friend back Friday morning.

His plan back fired. This note came from a different little girl in his class and as he told me about it, he said, "now I have to hide at recess!" First grade is a little more dramatic than I anticipated!

Saturday morning I took him with me to an appointment and then off to see a friend in the hospital. We then grabbed a sweet treat at Panera where Ty informed me my eggs smelled a lot better than the ones at school. When they have omelets for lunch, "they smell like wet dog but taste pretty good." I don't think marketing is in his future because he is just too direct and brutally honest.

Erin's boyfriend Jake has been encouraging Ty to eat more so he can get stronger and be better able to wrestle when Jake visits. We are grateful for Jake's efforts as our little man is honestly too little for his age. Friday night, Ty ate five grilled chicken wings which is a hearty portion for our busy guy so he called to tell Jake. Not only did he tell him about dinner but he also talked about his upcoming birthday party in July. Ty has grand plans for his birthday this year and apparently February isn't too early to start planning. Jake reminded Ty they share the same birthday and Ty enthusiastically invited Jake to join him for a combined Ninja themed birthday celebration. Jake might be just as excited as Ty.

He has had some money in his wallet for several months and this past week decided he needed a marble run. Every day, without fail he wanted to go to the store for a marble run. I finally used Amazon because weekday visits to a toy store are never on my agenda and when we got home Saturday, the marble run was waiting. He is already impressing me with his creations. 

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