Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Weekend Review

Erin and Jake came over for dinner Saturday. Before they left, Erin rummaged through the cabinets looking for a snack. Ty leaned over and whispered to Jake, "Erin always steals from us".

Makenna and I drug Ty to our favorite thrift stores. He brought a book and informed us he would be reading and ignoring us. His plan was perfect for all involved. However, he did score an awesome shark for 77 cents, which was not exactly what he aimed to purchase. The tooth fairy isn't interested in inflation so his $1 wasn't going to buy a video game, much to his dismay.

Greg and I slipped away to join friends for lunch Sunday and then I was able to visit my friend in the hospital for a few hours. Friends should fill every weekend.

Erin gave me an hour massage for Christmas and I used it Saturday morning. It was incredible.  And then Greg and I took Ty to play indoor putt-putt. The course was glow in the dark. It was a fun little date. On Sunday he completed Valentines for his classmates. He cannot wait to share treats with his friends.

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