Thursday, October 13, 2016

"The Best Day of My Life"

I asked Ty if he was having fun and he answered, "this is the best day of  my life". We took advantage of an overnight family package at French Lick Resort last night. We played putt-putt, went to a pumpkin patch with a hayride, bungee cord trampoline and a corn box and spent hours at the indoor water park. Greg and I enjoyed watching them immerse themselves in endless hours of fun.

Southern Indiana is absolutely gorgeous this time of year and I appreciated the drive as much as the get-away. Today we took a fall foliage tour on a train. All of us were excited about this one. And imagine our surprise when we discovered some of our favorite people there!

The kids brought their own cameras to capture the anticipated fun but Ty expressed repeatedly his disappointment in the train's speed or lack there of. I am not sure what he expected but the leisurely ride through the Hoosier National Forest was simply not exciting enough. Of course we were all exhausted by this afternoon and that may have had something to do with the lack of enthusiasm to what we believed would be the trip's highlight.

We were at the hotel having breakfast this morning and the kids selected Fruit Loops as part of their meal. They were both delighted with the option since I won't purchase Fruit Loops. I had them eat their hot food first and then the cereal. They ate well but as usual, Ty was taking longer than everyone else. And then I watched him. He was only allowing loops of a single color on his spoon at the same time. Sometimes I worry he is going to have more obsessive compulsive tendencies than both of his parents combined.

We decided to drive over and check out the resort we heard is rather luxurious. It is. While Greg and Kate played checkers in the library lobby (you know average hotel standards) Ty and I went exploring. It went well until he played dead on a fancy ottoman in the ladies room and scared an old lady to death. We decided to leave before security escorted us out.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Such a fun trip! The kids smiles say it all!!