Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Wild Week. Aren't they all?

On Monday morning, Ty's bus was 15 minutes late. I had to run down the hill to prevent the substitute bus driver from passing Ty in our driveway. I spoke with her a brief moment because she was turned around in our neighborhood and had asked for clarification. I hugged Ty and proceeded to walk back to the house when the driver called out for me to get my dog.  I was grateful she saw her and called for Layla, expecting to see her run around from the front of the bus. Imagine my surprise when Layla came bounding down the bus stairs super pumped about the kids she just met on the bus! I didn't see her get on! That dog.......

Monday evening Kate sustained a mild concussion when she missed landing a double back flip on our trampoline. I am not going to lie, I wasn't settled about this and worried a great deal despite Greg's assurance she would be fine. He may have spent the last decade assessing work related injuries and been an athlete until his accident when he was 30, but this is my baby so I questioned his judgment a few times. I had her sleep with me and take it easy for a few days. So whereas she started strong on Monday, her academics decreased dramatically on Tuesday and Wednesday. I read aloud quite a bit and we talked through a complex and beautiful book about children in Sudan. She is still struggling to focus, requires a lot of sleep and has maintained a headache all week. It has been tough on her to feel so run down as she is typically a high energy kid.

Over the weekend I sorted through a large donation bag Makenna gathered in her room for Goodwill and reclaimed a few pieces previously stolen out of my closet.

Baby Ava is back after fall break at home with her parents. On Monday I sliced grapes by hand for a snack. She refused them. We then went outside and that same child licked sand off the patio.

Wednesday night Makenna was finally permitted to leave our neighborhood streets and parking lots. She drove on actual roads with other vehicles. This portion of parenting is not my strong suit. I prayed and practiced Lamaze style breathing. No one died.

In other news, my left eye lid has had an involuntary twitch since Monday night. It's charming.

But this view out my back door? I have loved it for over a decade now. It never gets old.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I am so thankful Kate's injury was no worse than it was...that is so scary!
And Layla? Well, she's lucky she is cute :)