Monday, October 31, 2016

No Tricks. Just Treats.

It was a perfect Halloween! The girls and Jake lined the driveway to pass out candy while Greg and I walked around with kids for the first time ever! It was nice! We have a great neighborhood where groups of people hang out together to enjoy the kids and this year, amazing weather too. I served the traditional chili and hot dogs even though it was in the seventies this evening. No one complained.

Ty went as an army guy but was asked a few times if he was G.I. Joe. He was confused because in his mind, being in the army like Taylor is hero enough. Two of his little buddies joined him for the evening.

Kate designed and made her own costume this year. She had a ball and really enjoyed the freedom to walk around with her friends this year too. Did I mention the awesome neighborhood where that is acceptable in this day and age?

His loot.
At what point do we think the sugar rush will wear off? I am guessing January......

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