Friday, October 28, 2016

Days Like That

Sometimes life spins a little out of control. Nothing earth shattering takes place but all the little inconveniences and concerns add up and the next thing you know, you are crying over chicken that isn't sliced right and decide it is best to shower and go to bed. At 8pm. And your family exhales because they too have had enough of you and your unpredictable tears.

Makenna had a follow up appointment with her surgeon this week after essentially being told she had failed physical therapy. I was not able to attend with my extra little ones and their schedules so I sent her with Greg. The control freak in me had a difficult time handing over the reigns for this appointment because I knew it would be a discussion about surgery. And it was. An MRI is being ordered for her and once those results are available and the extent of the damage is known, we will have the final surgery discussion. No one wanted this to be the result of Makenna's dislocations. Makenna has maintained straight A's (with the exception of her tech class which is a soap box for another day), a job, physical therapy, a regular babysitting commitment and tech hours throughout this entire process. I am proud of her perseverance and determination and hope that attitude carries her through the next season. She has had some tearful moments as the pain wears her down but overall, she has been a tough cookie.

Kate's concussion is healing nicely but we were made aware of the potential harm in allowing her back on the trampoline and into gymnastics class. So we have decided we can't let our high energy kid get back to life as usual for a few months. This news doesn't make for a very content Kate. (A fidgety Kate creates a tired mom.) The reality of the potential damage done with a concussion is unnerving. But my friend Robbin is giving her crochet lessons and she has some projects planned to keep her hands busy these coming weeks. She has also discovered she loves the show Fixer Upper on HGTV so it isn't uncommon to find her propped up in Greg's recliner watching Netflix with her yarn and crochet hook. It is rather adorable.

Parenting young adults isn't any easier than parenting teens other than the fact they no longer live under our roof. They make decisions and declarations that are at times shocking and difficult to accept. They are making their own way in the world and sometimes it is challenging to quietly watch that unfold.

A few issues with kids and hard news from friends on top of day-to-day life means sometimes I forget I am 43 years old and fully capable of dealing with it. Instead I stuff feelings deep down and pretend I am handling it all well until it bubbles over and I am crying over grilled chicken as my bewildered husband literally raises his hands in surrender and backs away from said chicken. Bless his heart. His wife can be a wreck sometimes.

A solid night's sleep, some chocolate hidden from the people trying to make me crazy and quiet time in prayer and reflection restored me. Praise God for perspective and days like that aren't frequent.

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