Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma Carol

He seemed content to let Lexie drive him around in her fancy sports car

I like Uncle Charlie. He asked me if I had a high-speed setting on my camera to capture the front porch activity.
The girls claim this photo fully describes their relationship growing up
This is a reenactment of a childhood photo. Makenna crying, Erin posing and Lauren laughing because she most likely was responsible for Makenna crying.
They have worked it all out and are pretty good friends now

Lauren and Taylor landed in Lexington this morning and drove to Dayton to join the festivities. We all enjoyed seeing them and hearing about their honeymoon.

All the grandkids were present to celebrate Grandma Carol today

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Marylin saw our group in action. God bless them. 
Carol turned 75 today or as my brother-in-law not so eloquently had printed on her cookie cake, "Happy 3/4 of a Century". He is brave because I think she could still take him down if she desired. She is pretty tough! We made a very quick day-trip to Dayton to celebrate a significant person's milestone birthday. It was a great day.

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KaraD said...

How great to have everyone together ❤️. Kate has really gotten taller!