Sunday, June 26, 2016

Little Things

I recently discovered cotton candy grapes. Oh my. They literally taste like candy. And Ty has decided he wants to learn to cook. All his recipes involve chocolate chips.

We now have a gourmet olive oil shop in town. The amount of happiness this brings me is not normal.

My son turns seven next month and has requested a boomerang for his birthday so he can hunt for bananas to give to the monkeys. I can't make this stuff up. By the way, you can't hunt watermelons with a boomerang.

Kate is thoroughly enjoying her room. I have noted lately the shift from little kid to big kid has meant hours spent alone with a book or iPod, coloring or just hanging out in peace. That shift means a little brother is seeking a playmate and it breaks my heart a bit. The season we are entering feels like three only children rather than siblings; the age spacing is suddenly more pronounced.

Makenna was on cloud nine in Nebraska. The conference proved to be worth every dime invested. The memories she made will not be forgotten. She came home today and declared my eggs to be real food, showered and crashed. Welcome home Makenna. We missed you.

Lauren and Taylor were over to see us and raid our fridge four times last week. I may or may not have suggested some cooking lessons. They are on their honeymoon now so I suspect I will miss their laughter around my table this week.

My crazy husband pulled an all night shift to smoke a twelve pound brisket. The results were incredible and having friends over to share dinner with made for a perfect Sunday evening.

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