Sunday, June 5, 2016

Adoption Day and Other Crazy Decisions

Layla, deck stain model
In honor of Layla's adoption day today, I am re-sharing this post written by Layla herself. She is a happy, rambunctious addition for sure but I am not going to lie, there are days I wish I had found her a good home that wasn't ours. But the kids love her and I love them so she will remain a member of the family despite her endless antics.
The father of the bride is a hottie.
Date Night! Because even Home Depot without kids counts when you need some time together.
So there was this idea that occurred to me when my beautiful daughter sprung six weeks notice of a wedding on me. I thought hosting it in our backyard would be affordable and easy. What I have learned is that easy is a relative word in that it might be easy compared to some other sort of wedding planning but what I didn't bank on would be the grocery list of projects I would love to have completed before the event. The truck has spent a fair amount of time in the yard and we would rather not discuss the time and money we have invested at Home Depot. Lets just say they recognize us there.

My son has discovered Power Rangers on Netflix. Lord help me. I can't even begin to describe the horror of the scripts, acting and graphics but he is hooked. As result of this recent discovery, he is convinced he can skateboard while doing back flips. This is not going to end well.

Erin had some car trouble this weekend so she made her way to the driveway of her favorite free mechanic. Greg spent hours investigating and tweaking sensors for her. At one point, she and Ty were supporting his efforts. Only the best mechanics' assistants use YouTube videos to identify car parts.
We mentioned breakfast for dinner on Friday and everyone arrived early for dinner. We loved having them all around the table at the same time but then put a few to work constructing the wedding arch.

People often ask how the wedding planning is going. On paper, it's all ready to go. Only time will tell how smoothly it will come together. But when I was planning my own wedding, I lost so much weight my wedding gown had to be altered twice. This time around I have taken slightly different approach to stress management. Stress eating no longer involves carrots my friends.

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