Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Middle School Ready

This room feels so grown up. Despite my best efforts to deny facts, Kate is no longer a little kid.
Kate was ready for a change. Her room had served her well enough while she shared with her little brother but once he gained his own space, she asked for an update. What transpired was her vision and she executed it well. The bunk beds and dollhouse bookcase were replaced with Lauren's queen size bed once Taylor moved his bed into her apartment today. We had been collecting bedding and accessories for several weeks in anticipation of this transition. I am relieved she was happy with the paint color and wanted to work with her existing quilt even though it is twin size. Frames were spray painted and other wall decor was picked up at 80% off clearance sales. Not only does Kate have the ability to pull a look together, but she can do it on a tight budget.
Kate chose the fabric and Anna's mom made the pillows

Elephants were the subtle theme. All of my girls have loved them at one time or another.

The chairs were Erin and Lauren's. I keep very few things in the attic so Kate is happy these were available
We may have another tech on our hands...she helped construct the night stand and moved furniture.
All indications are this was a success


Dianna Gilbert said...

Beautiful. Maybe I can borrow her to help decorate my home.

KaraD said...

She did a great job! Looks like a fantastic hang out!