Monday, July 11, 2016

Ty's Datenight

When three out of four sisters are on vacation without you, spoiling must ensue. Greg is off work this week and we plan to relax and spend time together around my babysitting schedule. The girls didn't allow Dad's time off to influence their plans. Kate went camping with a friend's family. Makenna joined another friend's family for a trip to Florida and Lauren joined Taylor's mom's family trip to Florida as well. We aren't taking it personally, just enjoying a slower pace around here.

Greg and I are rarely down to one kiddo so we planned some fun activities for the one stuck with us this week. Ice cream and the Louisville walking bridge were a big hit this evening. He pointed out photo opportunities, enjoyed the band on the bridge and got a serious workout jumping up onto and off of every available bench along our route.

Since we wanted to capture sunset and slightly cooler temperatures on our walk across the bridge, we left the house at Ty's traditional eight o'clock bedtime. He talked non-stop until he no longer could......
He has pulled a blanket over his head to fall asleep since he was a baby. I don't see his method going away anytime soon. Almost seven years of this and it still amuses me. Sweet dreams big guy, I can't wait to share tomorrow's adventure with you.

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