Sunday, July 10, 2016

Anniversary Weekend

After 22 years of marriage, I still kinda like him

His sleepovers with me have become a bit too regular

We met Greg's parents for dinner and birthday celebrating Friday. Greg and I have collectively spent 5 hours assembling Legos as result. 
Thanks to a friend, Greg and I were able to drop the kids off for a few hours of swimming while we slipped away for an anniversary dinner out. We each tried something new and both loved our meal. But for the second time in a row, once the bill came to the table, someone couldn't read it and his arms weren't long enough to bring those tiny numbers into focus. On the way home we stopped at Walgreens for reading glasses and joked about what we could be buying there on our 44th anniversary. That list was full of hilarity to lighten the "how are we this old?" mood.
As it turns out, Greg wasn't the only one who picked up glasses this week. How cute is she?

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zerry ht said...

Very happy to see this anniversary celebrations. My sister will be celebrating her 1st wedding anniversary next month and planning to arrange a surprise party for her at one of LA event venues. Still looking for best ideas for the day.