Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ty's Mind

I had the pleasure of spending an uninterrupted hour alone with Ty recently. The boy did not stop talking the entire time. I swear his brain moves faster than his mouth and his mouth moves faster than my ears can process. It was non-stop chatter about endless subjects, many of which started mid-thought. He's not too particular in how I respond so I resort to ok, yes, I see, uh-huh, etc.  Because frankly, if I stop him to ask questions, I throw off his train of thought and once it derails, we may have to start that trip all over again.

I have learned a lot about kindergarten as result of these little one-sided conversations and more than anything, I would love to be a fly on the wall in his classroom. Five and six year old material is rich and hilarious. My hat is off to kindergarten teachers everywhere for keeping a straight face.

  • Did you know Zach no longer loves Avery? Nope, he loves Willow instead and calls her his princess. Willow does not love Zach but Zach knows about these things because he turned six first.

  • When I grow up, I will drink my coffee strong and black because that is how real men drink it. (I totally blame his father for this one.)

  • When I am a daddy I will let my kids watch YouTube videos whenever they want. Only awesome parents do that. (Not so subtle hint.)

  • I sat on the bus alone today because Josh was sick and I didn't sit with Kate because all Kate and her friends do is talk like girls. I don't like girl talk.

  • I know how to drive now. I have been watching Mr. Tim (the bus driver) and he uses two peddles and one foot. If you push one peddle you go, if you push the other, you stop. It's easy if you can reach the peddles. (This one scares me a bit.)

  • Police are the best super heroes. They have cool hats, awesome badges AND they get to shoot bad guys.

  • I almost threw up at school when I was coughing but didn't tell Miss Heid because I didn't want her to make me go home. I have to get a lot smarter still. 

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TeamWilmore said...

LOVE it!!!!!!! I don't know which one is my favorite, but I appreciate the planning (or just random inspiration) with which he dropped in the YouTube commercial break! :o)